We know maintaining cars can be quite troublesome and technical to average people. That’s why YOMING is here to help, we are not just supplying auto parts, we are also hoping to educate buyers and drivers around the world in proper car maintenance tips, so you save more money in a long run, and avoid putting yourself and other road users in danger! Today, let’s start with the top 5 signs you need to check and replace your brake parts, before ITS TOO LATE. Before we jump into our first symptom, you need to know that a car’s brake systems are comprised of many parts, however, for today’s topic, we will be focusing on brake pads and brake disc rotors or brake drums since we are talking about replacement parts that potentially help you save on maintenance bills and dangerous situations.
1.) Loud Screeching Noise When Applying Brakes (YEEEEEE Sound)
- One of the top symptoms of worn out brake pads. Most of the brake pads in the market are manufactured with “built in indicator” that will emit loud and scary screeching sound that sounded like something is rubbing against each other. When this sound is pronounced, it is advisable to get a certified mechanic to check on the brake pads thickness and confirming is the wear indicator is in contact with the brake rotors. If the brake pad thickness is still within acceptable range and indicator is no where near the disc rotors, potentially you might have a problem with the brake pad itself, for example, low quality brake pads, used the wrong material brake pads and installation faults. Be sure to get them checked by certified mechanic!

2.) Poor braking power, almost hit the car in front
- Poor braking power can be numbers of reasons, from worn out shock absorbers, tyres, brake master cylinder, brake caliper, disc rotors and brake pads. Speaking from experience, when we experienced poor braking power, brake pads are one of the first components to check. Reason is brake pad are made out of materials, Non-Asbestos organic, semi metalic, low metalic NAO, and ceramic, which they all will wear off depending on usage and occasions. So when you are experiencing poor braking performance and accompanying with loud screeching noise like the first symptoms we’d discussed, chances are you need a new set of brake pads.
3.) Brake pedal is vibrating during braking
- Most cases like this is usually associate with worn out brake disc rotor, however, there are cases where brake pads are the roots of it. Brake pads carry one kind of resin that will spread across evenly on the rotor surface, to ensure even wear on brake pads and disc rotor. If the quality of brake pads are not up to par, this resin will not spread evenly onto the disc rotor and causing uneven surface on it, hence, drivers will feel vibrations or pulsations on brake pedal, compromising braking performance and safety. If serious enough, one might experience loss of brakes and the vehicle is virtually riding with no brakes.

4.) Car pull to one side everytime you brake
- Brake systems slow the car by applying pressure on brake pads to rub against the disc rotor. In real life scenario, brake pads are not always wearing out at the same rate; this can caused by failing mechanical components, driving styles, weather state and many more. Most of the time, brake pads that are worn will have uneven wear, If one side of the pad is thinner than the other, the car will pull towards left or right when applying brakes. If this problem is leave unchecked, the issue can escalate to other parts of the car like steering rack issue, and worse of all, putting you and other road users in danger. If you are experiencing this issue, be sure to have your car investigate by certified mechanic
5.) Last but not least, your good mechanic is telling you that the brake pads are worn
- We are blessed with wonderful professionals like the mechanics to help us with car trouble. So the next time when your mechanic is telling you need to change your brake pads, very high chances are you really do! Before you decide on spending some money on changing the brake pads, firstly, you need to request the mechanic to show you visually on the conditions of the brake pads, once visually confirmed brake pads are worn, you can proceed with choosing brake pad models. YOMING recommend following OEM spec brake pads to maintain factory performance, for maintaining comfort in driving and safety.

So there we have it, top 5 signs you need to check and replace your brake parts. Braking systems are extremely vital to road safety, periodically maintenance is the key to ensure your car is operating at standard level. If you suspect you have a brake problem, get it checked by a professional, and rectify it, before ITS TOO LATE.

Post time: Jul-28-2021